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CPT -International  Ltd.

                                                                                  ....specialists in technical surveillance and training.

Technical Surveillance and 

Counter Measures

CPT-International delivers consultancy services and training packages designed to protect your confidential information.

We are able to offer a service to ensure that your premises, residential or commercial, are protected from eavesdropping and information gathering from unauthorised third parties.

Undertaking an in depth physical search and combined with the deployment of the latest equipment available we are able to detect the presence of any electronic monitoring equipment, be it audio or video based.

CPT-International using its experience gained over many years of operation throughout the world will ensure that your important and potentially sensitive information remains private.

All areas can be protected from technical attack, including vehicles, offices, hotel rooms and residential properties, in fact any place where you may wish to hold a meeting and for the contents of that meeting to remain confidential

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